Following completion of my residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Nicole and I moved to Alabama to work in rural and under-served communities throughout the states of Alabama and Mississippi. Nicole is a registered nurse and she and I have been working side by side since 2015 while traveling and caring for our patients. Each day we would travel to a remote dental office location and set up an outpatient oral surgery clinic within these offices. A majority of procedures were completed with the use of intravenous anesthesia, which I administered directly with the assistance of my auxiliary staff.

In order to facilitate this, we worked closely with a network of general dentists throughout the region to coordinate optimal care for our patients. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with everyone involved including patients, doctors, and staff became a key fundamental of our practice. Ultimately this experience encouraged Nicole and I to consider establishing our own practice.

When making the decision to start a practice together we both agreed that it would have to be in a place where we would be excited to live and in a place where we could make a difference. We both share a love for the outdoors and travel. We had visited Hilo in the past and have been captivated by the environment and the diversity in the culture. Our work together in Alabama and Mississippi has given us a unique understanding of the challenges that rural communities face with regards to medical services. To us, Hilo is an idyllic location to live while offering our services to enhance patient access to oral and maxillofacial surgical care. We are proud to call Hilo home and we look forward taking care of you.

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