Pterygoid Dental Implants

Like Zygomatic implants, Pterygoid implants are remote anchorage implants that are placed into very robust bone that is resistant to dental disease and absorption behind the second and third molars of the upper jaw.  As patients age and bone loss occurs due to dental disease and widening of the sinuses, this Pterygoid bone remains stable and strong.  It may then be utilized for the placement of a dental implant.  Pterygoid implants, in conjunction with either Zygomatic or traditional dental implants, can be placed in order to create the foundation for a fixed denture solution in patients who may have otherwise been told that they would need extensive bone grafts or even may have been told that they were not a candidate for implants at all.
Pterygoid Dental Implants xray

Pterygoid implants anchored into the upper jaw on both sides serves as a foundation for a immediate fixed implant denture

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