Radiofrequency Surgery Hilo

The Soniquence 4-MHz radiofrequency(RF) surgical unit is an extremely exciting technology offered at Big Island Oral Surgery. This unit operates at a higher frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum between AM and FM radio frequencies. The radiowave electrode tip does not become heated. The tissue is cut by a process known as intracellular volatilization. As the radiowaves are channeled from the electrode tip to the tissues, energy is created within the tissue, causing steam that bursts the cells of the tissue. Although all incision modalities produce lateral tissue damage, much less lateral tissue damage is produced than a typical scalpel incision or incisions made with heat cauterization. Discolored facial lesions including nevi, skin tags, fibromas, lentigines and other benign facial lesions can be removed with the potential for much less scarring and discoloration than conventional removal with scalpel or thermal instruments.

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